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The word "technology" covers a broad spectrum of areas of study and this is reflected in the diverse degrees offered by the College of Technology at ISU. If your interests lie in the fields of adult education, technology and engineering education, interior architecture design, automotive, aviation, computing, construction management, civil engineering technology, packaging, automation and controls, engineering technology, electronics, human resources, manufacturing, mechanical engineering technology, information technology, safety management, technology management or textiles, apparel and merchandising, then the College of Technology offers a degree for you. Graduates obtain some the best jobs with solid employment across the United States. These careers provide our graduates opportunities to be successful managers in their chosen industry segment.

The College of Technology faculty are seasoned with vast industry experience in their respective areas of study. Here at Indiana State University, you will study technology and management with full-time faculty in more than 30 specialized state-of-the-art instructional laboratories. Many programs offer online degree options for bachelors, masters, and even the Ph.D. study as well as campus.

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Career opportunities abound with jobs in technology. We encourage you to explore our technology programs in the College of Technology and we invite you to let us help you choose a technology major that will empower your future.

Indiana State team aces project-in-a-box

Five students in an industrial computer systems project classed went "above and beyond," according to their instructor, in building an unmanned vehicle equipped to take photos and video.

State in the news: 3-D printing, unmanned aerial vehicles

Manufacturing technology students this semester designed, manufactured, built and tested unmanned aerial vehicles. Parts were manufactured via 3-D printing. TV cameras were there for the printing of a key part and the testing of the vehicles at Wolf Field and the local NBC and Fox stations aired a feature report.

Congratulations to the ASME group for being named as the ISU Student Organization of the Year!!

Pictured is the leadership team (Matt Goelz, Tevin Jones, Kyle Rosebraugh, Nathan Bunnell, Alex Mershon, Kassandra Smith, Grant Niese, Dan Vermillion, and Todd Alberts) for the organization with their faculty advisor, Todd Alberts. What a great way to wrap up the semester for this outstanding organization

Indiana State takes lead on Million Women Mentors initiative

Female faculty, staff and alumni at Indiana State University are taking the lead in helping recruit 5,000 women mentors across the state to encourage girls and women to pursue science, math, engineering and technology careers


For any questions about our College of Technology programs, please contact us today via our toll-free phone at 888-478-7003 or via e-mail at techstudents@indstate.edu

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