Adult Career Education (ACE)

If you are a working professional (or seeking employment) who wants to complete a college degree in a field of YOUR interest, the ISU bachelor's degree in Adult Career Education (ACE) is for you. The ACE program is designed to address the needs of working adults who require flexibility and are interested in obtaining or advancing to supervisory or leadership positions. Core coursework in ACE focuses on skills that are in high demand by today’s employers – skills such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, team building, communication technology, and work-life integration. Beyond the core classes, students may work with an advisor to customize a specialization to meet their career and personal goals.

ACE provides a flexible, convenient, and individualized approach to education for adult students who have earned approximately 60 college credits. The online core program is delivered in accelerated eight-week courses. Our advisors will help students identify prior learning experiences that may qualify for college credit, including military training, non-collegiate sponsored training, proficiency exams and work experiences. Resources and support for online learning are built into the program because student success from day one is paramount.

Course Catalog

The ACE program can help you:

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