Aviation Technology

Department of Aviation Technology (AVT)

This minor program is for students who would like to have a basic knowledge about Aviation. This course is not offered for Aviation Graduates. To complete this program the student has to take a minimum of 17 credit hours.

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Current Curriculum Guide

Basic Technology Courses Required: 14 Semester Hours

AVT 141 (3) Aviation Fundamentals
AVT 143 (3) Basic Air Navigation
AVT* 142 (1) Private Pilot Flight I
AVT* 144 (1) Private Pilot Flight II
AVT 305 (3) Air Transportation
AVT 471 (3) Topics in Aviation Administration Majors

Electives Required: 3 Semester Hours**
Semester Hours Required in Minor - 14
Elective Semester Hours Required in Minor - 3
Minimum Number of Semester Hours Required in Minor - 17