Computer Engineering Technology

Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET)

The computer engineering technology program at Indiana State University prepares students for careers as technical professionals in an environment that requires a practical, problem-solving approach. The course work emphasizes hands-on skills with modern productivity tools (e.g. design, analysis, control, diagnostic, and project management tools). 

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Course Catalog
Course Catalog

Indiana State's computer engineering technology program is distinctive in its emphasis on blending classroom learning with practical experience and extracurricular activities that result in exciting and challenging study.


Program Educational objectives

Graduates of the Indiana State University Computer Engineering Technology Program will be able to demonstrate: 


Coursework follows a logical sequence from basic concepts to highly technical principles, with emphasis in the following areas:

Several professional courses are included to assist students in developing managerial skills. Internships and co-ops are available. Many students increase their employment opportunities by adding a minor in mathematics or business, or by earning a second bachelor degree in information technology or electronics engineering technology.

student learning outcomes

The computer engineering technology program learning outcomes are developed to fulfill program educational objectives, encompass the Technology Accreditation Commission/Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. general criteria, and address specific criteria for a computer engineering technology program. To this end, the following outcomes have been developed to represent the desired capabilities of students who, upon graduation, should have the ability to:

Career Opportunities

Our graduates obtain professional positions in a variety of areas, including: computer applications in industrial processes, computerized manufacturing, instrumentation and controls, technical sales, and field service

A few of the employers who hire our graduates include: Allen-Bradley Applied Extrusion Technologies Crane Naval Depot Delco Electronics Hewlett-Packard Lilly Pharmaceutical Merck Chemical Mobile New Castle Engineering Public Service Indiana Siemens Corporation TRW

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