Professional Aviation Flight Technology

Department of Aviation Technology

The Professional Aviation Flight Technology curriculum is designed to prepare students for flight in the aviation industry. Students who complete the major in Professional Aviation Flight Technology will graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree and an FAA Flight Instructor Certification with an Instrument Rating and a Multi-Engine Land Class Rating.

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Program Strengths

After arriving, a variety of scholarships ranging from $500 to $1500 are available to full-time aviation technology students on a competitive basis. Credit is awarded for internships/co-ops with aviation companies and airports. Internships/co-ops are also possible.

Employment is generally found at commuter airlines in companies having flight departments, the federal government, the military services, flight simulator companies, aircraft manufacturers, state departments of aviation, and airport fixed base operators.

Graduates of our program are flying as captains with all the major U.S. Air Carriers. Employers include: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, U.S. Airways, Northwest Airlines, American Tran Air, Express One Airlines, Continental Express, Air Wisconsin, Boeing Co, Emery Worldwide Airlines, UPS Federal Express, U.S. Check, Kroger, Inc., and other military services.

The FAA is anticipating a 13.8 percent increase in Commercial Pilots due to a boost in corporate flying and a 3 percent increase in the number of Airline Transport pilots over the next several years.

Professional Aviation Flight Technology Learning Outcomes

High School Preparation

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English composition, Speech, and Computer Data Processing.

General Education Requirements

All students working toward a bachelor's degree at I.S.U. are required to complete additional semester hours in General Education, including both required and elective courses, grouped under categories of interrelated subjects.

There are no specific SAT/ACT score requirements. If the students gets accepted to ISU, then the student can expect admission with the department.


ISU Flight Academy Flight Fees 2013-2014

Indiana State University’s planned Flight Academy is scheduled to be operational effective with the fall 2013 semester.  Operational expenses will primarily be funded by flight fee income realized through the assessment of flight fees.  These fees are non-refundable unless (1) the student drops the respective course for the certification being pursued, or (2) the student completely withdraws from the University.  Under these circumstances, the student will be refunded all unused flight fee income as determined by the flying time they logged.  Extenuating circumstances can exist, as may be determined by the Chairperson of the Aviation Department, that would allow a student to pay hourly flight fee rates based on aircraft type.  An example of an extenuating circumstance would be when a student would need to fly more hours, than provided by the semester rate, for the purpose of correcting deficiencies.  These flight fees are estimates.  Circumstances such as weather, student proficiency or resource availability may affect these costs.  These amounts are what the students on financial aid should expect to receive to pay for their flight training.  Students should not anticipate loan approvals above these levels.  Other costs associated with flight training include medical certificates, flight evaluations, flight books and manuals.

Proposed semester based flight fee rates by certificate type are as follows:

Certificate Type

Semester 1 Rate

Semester 2 Rate

* Private Pilot

$ 6,000

$ 5,000

* Instrument



* Commercial


$ 6,900

* Multi-Engine

$ 4,425


Certified Flight Instructor I

$ 3,450


Certified Flight Instructor II

$ 3,450


Multi-Engine Instructor

$ 4,425


*Required certificates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Aviation Flight Technology are Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial & Multi-Engine. All other certificates are optional.

Students soaring in new ISU Flight Academy

Indiana State this fall opened the ISU Flight Academy at Terre Haute International Airport. The academy features a newly renovated facility and a fleet of aircraft that the university purchased as part of the new flight school.