advising/scheduling infromation

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor can provide information concerning professional development, career paths, internships or co-ops, and other issues related to your professional growth.

The Technology Student Services office in TC 101 will assist Undergraduate Technology students in many of our majors with most issues concerning scheduling.

Priority registration for continuing students click here:

advisement pin number

course search

A few weeks before Priority Registration all classes may be viewed by clicking: ‘Schedule of Classes’ in the ISU A-Z search ( or ‘Dynamically Searchable Schedule of Classes’ on MyISU and select the desired term. You can also search specifically for Distance courses or for all courses that fill a specific Gen Ed requirement. For example:

This should bring up all classes offered via distance for the requirement selected. To view additional information about the course click on the title bar. Important: When you finish using the ‘Attribute’ area and are going to look for a specific course or all of the courses in a specific subject, make sure you click on ‘All’ at the top of the attribute list. If you don’t do this the search will not give you the information requested.

You can also search by ‘day’ and ‘time of day’ that you want to take courses by using the options near the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Effective Fall 2008 the prefixes/Subject for courses offered by the College of Technology are as follows: